Cristiano Ronaldo PIcks up Record forth golden boot award

Every soccer Striker would love to receive the Golden boot, but just one can received each year. The GOLDEN BOOT is awarded to Europe’s top goal scorer. This is Ronaldo’s fourth golden boot. He went to the ceremony to receive this award accompanied by his son Cristiano Junior. he scored 48 goals last season to received this award beating LIONEL MESSI ( 43) and SERGIO AGUERO (26). Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player to be awarded the GOLDEN BOOT FOURTH TIMES.


Pope Francis’s visit to the United States

Pope’s Francis visit to the United sates in September was his first visit to the United States. He visited a few states during his visit. All the places that he visited were full of people. A lot of people went to see him because they admired him. everyone thinks that he is more than a man. He likes to help people and believes everyone should be equal.

The banned of Harry Potter

The story of Harry potter is one that most people know about. Is it possible for this amazing story to be banned from schools and including in some parts of the world? I can not imagined it. some people want it to be banned because of religion, they say that Harry Potter talks about which-craft, which can lead some people to believe that witches really exist. other say that it has scary stuff on it and that it can affect their children in their development. I think that it should not be banned because this is a way to get people to read and be entertain at the same time.

Why car insurance is important in India and the world in general

We all now that car insurance is really important for whoever has a car. Car insurance companies offer many advantages for whoever insure their car. for example car insurance can protect you and your valuables against unexpected events. A lot of the Indian population own their Vehicle which continuous to grow which is another reason for people to ensure their car so insurance will protect them from many things.

FIFA president faces Criminal investigation

FIFA is the most powerful SOCCER branch, which now a lot of its representatives are being investigated because of corruption. I have being following soccer since I can remember and now to find this out. it  just makes me think for how long have they been doing this? Apparently the most powerful people in Fifa were manipulating the way in which they Scheduled the WORLD CUP. This scandal does not do any good to the most popular sport in the world.

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